KE Trauma Course

In April 2023, the KE Trauma Course unfolded under the benevolent guidance of Prof. Dr. Faisal Masood, Head of Orthopaedic Unit 2, Mayo Hospital, Lahore. The esteemed presence of Prof. Dr. Mahmood Ayaaz, Vice Chancellor of KEMU, as Chief Guest lent prestige to the event. Notable guest speakers including Prof. Dr. Iqbal Mirza, Prof. Dr. Asghar Naqi, Prof. Dr. Abrar Ashraf Ali, Prof. Dr. Zahra, and Prof. Dr. Yar Muhammad enriched the occasion with their expertise.

The workshop commenced with Prof. Dr. Faisal Masood providing an insightful overview of “What Is Trauma?” This was followed by an engaging lecture by Prof. Dr. Mahmood Ayaaz on the “ABCDE of ATLS,” wherein he stressed the importance of seat belts in preventing life-threatening injuries during car travel. Prof. Dr. Yar Muhammad delved into “Triage and its brief history,” while Prof. Dr. Zahra enlightened participants on “Airway Management.” Prof. Dr. Asghar Naqi shared insights on “Shock and Its Management,” and Prof. Dr. Abrar Ashraf Ali conducted an interactive session on thoracic injuries.

The event concluded with a shield distribution ceremony, followed by hands-on activities. Under the supervision of experts including Associate Prof. Dr. Mumraiz, Dr. Ahmad Humayun, Dr. Raza, Dr. Ali Bhidwal, Associate Prof. Neurosurgery Dr. Azam, and Dr. Waqas, participants engaged in practical sessions on spine trauma and log roll stations. Prof. Dr. Zahra and her team facilitated hands-on activities on airway management, while Dr. Hafiz Asif and his team led sessions on chest tube insertion techniques. Dr. Aneeqa Qureshi guided participants through hands-on activities on abdominal trauma and hemorrhage control stations.

Dr. Sohail Niazi, Dr. Kashif, Dr. Maisum, Dr. Ali Bhidwal, Dr. Aqeel, Dr. Asad Ali (ward registrar), and Dr. Mashood were instrumental in organizing the workshop.

In closing, Prof. Dr. Faisal Masood extended heartfelt gratitude to all guests and participants for their invaluable contributions and expressed a desire to conduct similar workshops in the future, fostering continued learning and professional growth.