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At the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Mayo Hospital, Lahore, our orthopedic surgeons enjoy a national and international reputation for their surgical excellence and innovative problem-solving skills. Collaborating closely with scientists in Mayo Hospital’s research facilities for biomechanics and regenerative medicine, our surgeons continuously strive to develop cutting-edge solutions that enhance healing, expedite rehabilitation, and improve patient outcomes.

Our team of orthopedic surgery experts utilizes the latest techniques and technology to deliver superior care to individuals with musculoskeletal issues. From initial diagnosis to comprehensive treatment plans, our orthopedic surgeons at Mayo Hospital, Lahore, are committed to employing advanced technologies that are in the best interest of our patients. While we may not have multiple campuses like Mayo Clinic in the United States, our dedication to utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and technologies remains unwavering.

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Department Overview

The Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Mayo Hospital, Lahore, stands as a beacon of excellence both nationally and internationally, renowned for its surgical prowess and innovative solutions to orthopedic challenges.

Catalyzing Compassion, Expertise, and Innovation: Our mission at the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Mayo Hospital Lahore, is deeply rooted in our unwavering commitment to patient-centric care, propelled by the dynamic leadership of Prof. Dr. Faisal Masood. Our relentless pursuit of excellence encompasses not only the finest surgical interventions but also a dedication to nurturing a culture of continuous learning and growth among our team. Read More

At Mayo Hospital’s Department of Orthopedic Surgery in Lahore, our skilled surgeons offer a comprehensive range of advanced procedures to address diverse musculoskeletal conditions. From joint replacements including hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, and ankle arthroplasty to fracture care, trauma management, and arthroscopic surgeries for various joints, we specialize in delivering precise and effective treatments. Our expertise extends to spine surgeries, hand and upper extremity procedures, foot and ankle surgeries, pediatric orthopedics, orthopedic oncology, and sports medicine interventions such as ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair. With a focus on utilizing advanced techniques, we aim to optimize patient outcomes and promote swift recovery.

Enriching Minds, Empowering Futures: At the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Mayo Hospital Lahore, we are not just healers; we are educators, innovators, and pioneers in orthopedic excellence. Our commitment to academic excellence is reflected in our diverse educational programs, catering to MBBS students from the esteemed King Edward Medical University Lahore, physiotherapy students, BSc Orthotics students, and operation theater attendants.

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