Enriching Minds, Empowering Futures: At the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Mayo Hospital Lahore, we are not just healers; we are educators, innovators, and pioneers in orthopedic excellence. Our commitment to academic excellence is reflected in our diverse educational programs, catering to MBBS students from the esteemed King Edward Medical University Lahore, physiotherapy students, BSc Orthotics students, and operation theater attendants.

We serve as a beacon of knowledge and skill enhancement for FCPS and MS residents hailing from across Pakistan and around the globe. Under the banner of the Pakistan Orthopedic Association, we offer specialized training in arthroplasty and joint reconstruction, setting the standard for supra-specialty care in orthopedics.

Driven by a passion for advancement, our department is a hub of research activity, with multiple ongoing projects aimed at pushing the boundaries of orthopedic medicine. Our commitment to continuous improvement is evident in our daily morning meetings, where we dissect pre-operative and post-operative cases, monthly mortality and morbidity meetings, and regular teaching rounds, faculty lectures, and mini-clinical assessment exercises in every emergency scenario.

In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we prioritize skill enhancement and professional development for all aspiring surgeons. Through regular workshops tailored to hone surgical skills and techniques, we provide a platform for hands-on learning and practical experience. Additionally, we conduct mock exams to simulate real-world scenarios, equipping young surgeons with the confidence and competence necessary to excel in their careers.

Our commitment to nurturing talent extends beyond the operating room, as we believe that the journey to becoming a proficient surgeon requires continuous assessment and refinement. These initiatives not only empower our trainees to navigate the complexities of orthopedic surgery but also instill a culture of lifelong learning and growth.

By investing in the education and training of future orthopedic leaders, we ensure a legacy of excellence that transcends borders and transforms lives. Together, we forge ahead, united in our dedication to advancing orthopedic care through education, innovation, and compassion.